Hemp denim

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Denim of hemp and organic cotton

This eco-friendly fabric combines the sturdiness and strength of hemp (63%) with the natural softness and purity of organic cotton. With a weight of 340 gr/m2 this blend is perfect for making jeans, jackets or skirts or anything else you think fit for a denim. In this twill the warp is dyed blue and the weft has remained white. The origin of the organic cotton is India, the hemp is Chinese. A blend that is not only eco-friendly but also sophisticated, modern and gives a relaxed look. Produced in China. Fair production is guaranteed.

  • Eco-friendly blend
  • Strong and luxurious
  • Fair production

Fabric specifications

COMPOSITION: 63/37% hemp/organic cotton
WIDTH: 140 cm
WEIGHT: 340 gr/m2



A sample of this fabric is included in our basic samples set of woven hemp fabrics.
This set can be ordered here:

A blend of hemp and organic cotton

This fabric is made from organic cotton and hemp, a luxurious blend of two vegetable fibres that constitutes the best of two worlds. Organic cotton is grown without the use of harmful pesticides or insecticides and without GMO. Organic agriculture takes care of the environment and truly represents the future. Hemp is comfortable, breathable, feels cool and is one of the strongest natural fibres. The plant requires only small amounts of water and has no natural ennemies, so that it grows easy without the use of chemicals. Hemp has antibacterial properties and shows a natural resistance to UV rays, which make it ideal for sportswear, enduring garments and accessories. Organic cotton and hemp has been blended in a high quality fabric that is both soft and luxurious. Besides this it is also produced fair, and it will give you and your customers peace of mind when it comes to its environmental footprint.

Composition: 63/37% hemp/organic cotton
Weight: 340 g/m2
Colour: Indigo