Why is hemp such an attractive material and why does it have such an appeal on so many people? Maybe it is because hemp fabrics always have a distinct character, there's always this little extra that distinguishes it from other materials? Maybe it is because hemp is so strong and so versatile? Or because the plant grows so easy and fast without extra irrigation and doesn't need herbicides or insecticides? The fact is that all of these reasons are true. Hemp, which was very important in the past, is making a strong come back. The woven fabrics on these pages are all made from 100% hemp, but we also present blends of hemp with organic cotton, wool or tencel. The fabrics are here arranged according to their weight. The lighter fabrics come first, followed by the heavier ones.

Slate blue hemp linen weave

Heavy hemp canvas

Hemp chambray panama

Fine natural European hemp canvas

Shiny black silk blend

Shiny navy silk blend

White fabric PFP with organic cotton, silk and hemp

Shiny yellow silk blend

Hemp chambray

Hemp fine plain weave

Black cotton hemp gabardine

Khaki cotton hemp gabardine

Pine cotton hemp gabardine

Hemp denim

Striped poplin organic cotton and hemp

Hemp denim

Hemp fishbone

Extra wide natural plain weave hemp

Beeswaxed hemp and wool indigo

Beeswaxed hemp and wool natural