Our Partners

Ecological Textiles acts as an agency for several state-of-the-art companies, all true pioneers in sustainable fabrics:



Over 25 years ago, when almost nobody had heard of the existence of organic cotton, this Japanese company, started to organise the complete production chain on a sustainable basis. This went from organising farmers and persuading them to cultivate organic cotton, to the spinning, weaving and knitting in Japan.  In 1993 Avanti underlined its position as true innovators by founding JOCA, the most strict certification for organic cotton in the world. JOCA has now gone up into GOTS.
The Avanti collection consists of more than 150 fabrics, all very refined. In Japan they have their own brand, called Pristine.

  • More then 25 years, only in organic cotton;
  • JOCA certified;
  • Japanese brand;
  • Craftsmanship and technology;
  • Knits, wovens, denim and lace



From Turkey we supply a complete range of woven and knitted fabrics, made from Aegean organic cotton, grown in the Western part of Turkey, and produced with state-of-the-art textile machines.  A collection of more than fifty different knits and wovens.

  • Only organic cotton since 2012;
  • GOTS certified;
  • State-of-the-art textile technology;
  • Knits, wovens, denim



MTK is an Australian family owned company specialised, since 60 years, in very fine knits made of wool and nowadays also from tencel. These jerseys are above all suitable for fashion.

  • Conventional and organic wool, tencel;
  • ISO certified;
  • Australian brand;
  • Lightweight knits



Gottstein is an Austrian knitter and felting mill. The company is famous for its felted knits and house shoes made from Austrian wool.

  • Conventional and organic wool;
  • Made in Europe



Fritsch Färberei is an Austrian dyeing mill, specialized in natural dyeing. Owner Rudolph Fritsch intensively researched the dyeing of wool, silk, and linen. His dyeing mill works with several types of machines for yarn dyeing as well as fabric dyeing.

  • Conventional and natural dyeing;
  • Made in Europe;
  • GOTS certified



Hemp Fortex is the largest hemp producer in the world. This Chinese company controlls the complete production chain from spinning, weaving and knitting to finishing.  Sustainable hemp fiber is used in 100% knits or wovens, or blended with organic cotton, yakwool, silk or recycled polyester.

  • GOTS certified for organic cotton;
  • Made in China;
  • Large stock available at Ecological Textiles for sampling



Hungarolen is a Hungarian spinning mill famous for its fine linen yarns. The company started already in 1904 and is now known as one of the best linen spinners in Europe.

  • Made in Europe;
  • GOTS certified;
  • Conventional and organic linen, also in blends



Stexfibers is a Dutch start-up developing hemp yarns using the innovative technique of steam explosion. Hemp grown in Europe is used to produce fine hemp fibers for application in fashion, interior and technical textiles.

  • Made in Europe;
  • Environmentally clean and innovative production;
  • No enzymes used



This Dutch craftsman printing mill, started in the 1930’s and became famous for the beautiful and exclusive designs made by several artists. ’t Paapje recently started - in cooperation with Ecological Textiles - to develop designs on organic cotton.

  • More then 70 years in screenprinting;
  • Organic cotton and wool;
  • Fabrics are GOTS certified;
  • Knits, wovens, all handprinted