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Organic cotton wovens and jerseys

COTTON: pure 100% organic cotton fabrics, yarns and fibres, GOTS certified. That guarantees environmentally sound, sustainable manufacturing and processing, fair trade, but also top quality and reliability.

Hemp fabrics and jerseys

HEMP: one of the most sustainable cultivation fibres. The plant grows fast, needs little water and doesn't require any pesticides. The fibre is strong and has a structure that makes it feel cool in summer and warm in winter.

Organic linen fabrics and jerseys

LINEN: made from the fibres of the flax plant. It is often compared with hemp. The fibres of linen and hemp are similar in strength, but linen can be processed to fine yarns more easily. The finest linen yarns produce nice, shiny fabrics that are sometimes referred to as 'European silk'.

Natural dyes and pigments

NATURAL DYES: completely based on vegetable or natural raw materials. The printing inks, also based on natural colours for screenprinting on cellulose fibers as cotton, linen and hemp. For wool and silk these colours are suitable to only a limited extend.

Organic silk woven fabrics and jerseys

SILK: natural fibre with exceptional product qualities. It is very strong and has a smooth, soft texture without being slippery. Our organic silk is produced without the use of chemicals such as insecticides or pesticides. 

Tencel woven fabrics and jerseys

TENCEL: revolutionary eco-friendly and economical fibre. The fibre is spun from eucalyptus wood. The solvents used in the pulping process are recycled. The dyeing process requires much less dyes than cotton. This unique closed loop process makes it 'fibre of the future'.

Beeswaxed organic fabrics

BEESWAX COATING: For centuries, sailors have been aware that wet sails are more efficient than dry sails and have impregnated their sails with fish oil, and later with linseed oil and paraffin. As a side effect, impregnated cotton turned out to be waterproof.

Natural and organic wool woven, yarns and jerseys

WOOL: Here you find conventional and organic wool. Organic wool is produced in accordance with international standards for organic livestock production. That includes: natural feed and forage which is not genetically engineered or treated with synthetic hormones, no mulesing.

Prepared for printing organic fabrics and jersey

PREPARED FOR PRINTING: Natural and organic fabrics and jerseys prepared for printing with screenprint or digital printing. The base is of organic origin like organic GOTS certified cotton or is a natural sustainable resource as of hemp.


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Sample Service

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